Dog and Cat Grooming


Dog Grooming

Mt. Tabor Boarding & Grooming provides complete, professional grooming services including bathing, clipping, hand scissoring, hand stripping, nail trims and dremel nail smoothing. All shampoos are salt-free and provide ingredients to enhance and improve existing skin and fur conditions.

Standard bathing or grooming services include ear hair removal and nail trims. Other services such as dremel nail smoothing, dental cleanings and expression of anal glands can be provided for an additional charge.


Cat Grooming

Mt. Tabor Boarding & Grooming provides complete, professional grooming services for all of our feline friends including bathing, clipping, brushing, de-matting, potty patch and nail trimming.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grooming:

What vaccines are required for grooming?

View the vaccine requirements for boarding, grooming, daycare and training HERE. We like to have this information 48 hours prior to appointment or reservations. Pets can NOT be admitted without this information. This is for the safety of both your pet and other pets in the facility.

Do you do offer cat grooming?

Yes we do. We can bathe and brush out and/or clip fur in a lion clip or scissor the fur in a longer style.

Can I get my dog/cat groomed/bathed before I pick up from boarding?

Certainly! Many of our clients choose to have grooming done just before they pick up their pets!

You can request this when you schedule your boarding reservation or at the arrival time for boarding your pet. Groomings are done Monday-Saturday. If you are picking your pet up on Sunday we can do the grooming on Saturday and your pet will still be nice and fresh.

What is the procedure for grooming?

We do grooming/bathing by appointment. Our regular drop off is between 7:30-9 Mon-Fri, if you need another time please check with us for other arrangements. When you drop off your pet the groomer will discuss grooming needs and coordinate a pick up time in the afternoon. We also offer nail trims or dremel nail trims(a filing tool) throughout the day. Regular grooming/baths include shampoo, nail trim, and ear cleaning as part of the standard service. You can request additional services of anal gland expression, dental care package(brushing teeth, oral check-up,dental treat sample), medicated shampoos, and conditioning treatments for a small fee.